Monday, July 13, 2015

Are you a Maesstro of Parenting?

Maestro is Italian for master. Doing things well means you begin, practice, improve, perform, and finally figure out how to shine among those who are your equals. Allowing all of the masters to shine. This applies to all of the things we do in life. being a master is all about having learned how to not just play your instrument but, to be able to play your instrument in a symphony. This means you fully understand not just playing, but harmonizing, adjusting both pitch and volume to not only play your part but, to be a melodious portion of the whole. Parenting is similar in that adults must master all of their relationships (self, others, and community) in building all of the elements it takes to create inspiring, motivating, and empowering connections with their children.

Mastering Relationship with Self

Take care of yourself: Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Be authentic

Stay true to your values, dreams and goals.

Mastering your Relationships with Others




Mastering Relationships in your Community

Linking your dreams and goals with others

Using you talents to bring your unique gifts to those who need them

Balancing your immediate families wants, needs, and desires with your Community Service

Over the next few weeks I will blog about  these concepts in becoming a Master Parent. Keep in mind parenting is not a separate part of your life. It is in fact an outflow of your entire being into the life of another. This outflow empowers them in mastering the above concepts in their own lives.

Believe in Parenting

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