Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sex Trafficking and Parenting

Does this seem like an odd posting? Be warned I am being both graphic and real here. Unless and until we face this issue our girls will continue to be commodities rather than children.

There are 100 thousand children in the United States who are being sex trafficked everyday, in every city in America.  There are men who are willing to rape our babies. They are even willing to pay other men to do so.

 The average young girl who is forced into prostitution is aged 11 to 14. What happenes to this young girl starts with  her parents being absent in one way or another. A predator sneaks in to fill the gap.  Telling her that she's loved,  that she's cared for, buying her gifts basically getting her to fall in love with them. Their objective is only to turn her a few days, weeks, or months later into a street whore. The process sets them up to be gang raped, beaten, demoralized to strip her of both of her dignity and humanity. To turn her into a product, a slave to be bought and sold on the streets of America.

Parents you have  a role  in this scenario you can  build strong, loving, committed relationships with your children. Know who their friends are, where they are going and with whom. Help them find purpose and focus by helping them to find what they are passionate about and help them build good solid rrelationshis with other kids.

Pimps look for kids who are lonely, vulnerable, with low self-esteem, or who are foster kids or in group homes. Parents are the only ones who have continuous ability to give kids the tools they need to avoid being targeted! Please do your part.

I know this is hard to hear and even harder to believe. Before you right off my warning read the first three chapters of this book.


Believe in Parenting