Thursday, May 30, 2019

Train Them Up; PT&A's New Project--A Brand Story

When I was 22 years old  I sought God for my purpose. Meeting Dr. Myles Monroe in the lobby of Metropolitan Christian Worship Center and having him tell me. “Connect with God the manufacture and find out why He sent you here to Earth and you will never founder.” It changed my life. I have always worked with children it started in the church nursery when I was 13. So, after graduating from college and working at Kiwanis Camp Wyman where I learned first-hand the devastation f children who were wards of the state. I met two little girls ages 10 and 12 whose mothers put them into care rather than give up the boyfriends who were molesting their daughters. It was the first time I met with children who were not in connected relationships with their parents.  It broke my heart and sent me to God not just to find why, but how I could become the solution. This started me on the journey to understanding how broken adults in turn break their kids. It was a few years late that I realized 100% of adults are broken and need help to heal so they can effectively connect with their children
In 1995 I graduated from Oral Roberts University with a master’s degree in early childhood education with an emphasis in parenting. It was ll years later when I along with three friends formulated Parents, Teachers, and Advocates a parent development group whose mission is to coach adults to inspire, motivate and empower their children to become exceptional adults. Since then we have worked with over 10,000 adults in conjunction with nonprofits, churches, childcare centers and others coaching parents to overcome their brokenness and begin to build stronger relationships with their children.
Train Them Up is our new project. This show is designed to create a safe place where adults can be authentic sharing joys, hurts, frustrations, and anger with God, each other, and experts. It is the goal that through this authenticity we will develop strong connections with ourselves, God, our community, and our children. Allowing us to use the authenticity and connectedness to become more effective parents. I often say parenting is the toughest job you will ever love and hate. Train Them Up is a talk show dedicated to coaching parents into Authentic, Connected, and Effective parenting from pre-birth through college graduation. Come and join our community watch the show, join our FB page, join our 30, 60, and 90-day challenges, attend our conferences, and travel with us on our cruises. You can be an effective parent you just need authenticity and connection to bring your child from birth through college graduation.

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Book by Barb Harvey--
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Multiple Intelligence: Building You and Your Team Choosing High-quality Child Care

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Are You Ready for the Summer?

Here in Georgia we have two weeks of school left and parents are working on plans for their children going into Summer. Some kids will go see family for the Summer holiday. Some kids will go off to a long camping session. Some will sit at home and play, games, watch TV, and just crash. Still others will spend half the tinme in Summer School and then move on to other activities. Summer is not like it was for me when I was off in the late 70's and early 80's where I left home on my bike came home for lunch, left and did not get back until dinner. I then was gone again until dark. "Be hme before the street lights come on" was the the rule in our house. Now, kids do not have that much freedom so it falls to parents to help kids create great Summer vacays.

So here's where I suggest you start. Have you children take a multiple intelligence inventory there is a wonderful one by Scholastic here is the link to it. (By the way Scholastic has some great learning tools, I suggest you go online and do a parent registration!) Multiple intelligence is the use of what causes the brain to rev up and become activated in a way that exudes positive energy and allows people to thrive. I like to call it brain sparking.

I firmly believe that understanding your multiple intelligence allowed you to find out not only what you're good at doing and what excites your learning and life enjoyment. Having your children participate in activities, camps, and programs that allow them to feel the power of their brain at full engaement not only makes them happy.  It  gives them the tools needed to make their brains work better, faster, and more efficiently.

This Summer it is possible to give your children a lifelong gift. The gift of knowing what causes their brain to engage on all cylinders and thus enable them to think more clearly in both school and life. Understanding thier multiple intelligence is something they can carry forward into their future and be all the better for it.

Here are my thoughts for great ideas for multiple intelligences activities.

Logical/Mathematical-Space /Robotics/Coding 
Linguistic-Blogger/Spoken Word/Magazine Creation
Musical Band/Composition-music/Songwriting-lyrics
Bodily/Kinthestetic Soccer/Gynastiscs/Swimming
Interpersonal Cooperative porjects/Lego Bulding/Debate
Intrapaersonal Knitting/Cooking/Crochet
Existejtial Problem-Solving/Mystery/Religion

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Want more information on Multiple Intelligences check out my paper on it here: Multiple Intelligences: Build You and Your Team

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Same Stage, Different Age!

In childhood there are two stages that are similar yet different in the way they need to be handled. The ages are those of two year olds and those of teenagers.  These two ages have very different abilities in self-care, yet share a common goal: Independence.

I can do it myself.  Many parents will remember this statement coming from the two year old who wanted to put on their own shoes. During the teen years it shows up by wanting to do more adult like behaviors.  It is important to recognize that wanting to do something versus being at a developmentally appropriate level to do it are two different things.  Teens especially young teens need to earn the privilege to do more adult-like activities. A child who can not take out the trash and clean-u up their room without nagging is not ready to spend unsupervised time with their friends.

Supervision, Supervision Parental supervision is the most important job when discussing a two year old, quiet in the house means trouble.  Most parents think that teens need less supervision. They need more. Teens are looking into the adult world with all the curiosity of a two year old.  They are looking into drinking, driving, smoking, sex, and other adult activities. These children are not more able to accept this responsibility that the two year old is ready to tie their own shoes. Parents do need to know who their teen’s friends are, who their parents are, where they are going and what they are doing.

Undivided Attention Children at both stages need time with their parents. Two year olds need this time to be held, read to, and reassured. Teens need this time to be mentored, comforted, and supported.  Parents who practice active listening really ensure teens have what they need. Active listening requires listening and not judging. Asking your teen,”Are you seeking advice or do you just need me to listen?” This question sets the stage for how you will listen. Teens also sometimes talk more in the midst of an activity. Go for cooking dinner, playing a board or card game, hiking, or walking.

Although, the age changes the temperament and personality do not change. Keep this in mind as you spend time with your teens. Treat them accordingly and you and your teen will come through the teen years with flying colors.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

You look out for the welfarae of your children! Are You Willing to Look out for oOther Children too?

Monday morning I was speaking to the Trainer of Volunteers for Fulton County CASA. She stated to me the serious nature of lack of support for her agency. There are approximately 13,000 children in custody in the state of Georgia; 1300 of them are in Fulton County. This means ten perscent of all the children in Georgia who need someone looking out for their best interest are her in Metro Atlanta. Currently, there are approximately 850 children who do not have a CASA volunteer looking out for their best interest.


I am attaching the link to the Fulon County CASA website here. Though there is a donate button and CASA is always glad to have your monetary donations. What the children of Fulton County need is for someone to be trained in how to help them and ensuare their best ibnterests are being emphasised before the court. They need an independant and well trined adult to speak for them in court.

There is a 40-hour training to be a volunteer. They are through in how they train people to serve the children in this capacity. This crisis can only be solved by adults who are willing to at least committ their time to be trained. Having gone through the training a person could then decide whether or not they would have the time and inclination to help. Please consider at the very least  going through the training.

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