Thursday, December 5, 2019

Holiday Cookies and Promoting Educational Skills

I love baking during the holidays. I especially like rememering my Grandma Harvey by baking her pecan puff cookies. At Thanksgiving while chatting about the benefits of cooking being both a life skill and a way to practice and enjoy education. Cooking is the onlylife skill I can think of that uses reading, math, science, direction following, and sometimes writing. This is why I think cooking with your children is so important.

If your child is struggling with fractions taking theminto the kitchen and working with them to mas a cake that is decorated with orange, clementine, or lemon segments by the time you have read and followed the receipe, peeled and segmented the fruit, and decorated the cake. Your child will have worked with fractions so mamy times they will have a better understandingg. especially if you take the time to point it our and ask questions. In addition, you will have spent undivided attenion whith your child and they can say at dinner they made dessert.

Cooking and baking with your kids works so well for extending their understanmging of how things  work.

Science Heat can change a liquid to a solid, A liquid to a gas and a solid to ashes.

Math Fractions or Doubling or Halving ingredients

Reading The receipe has directions for a list ingredients, what equipment is needed, and the steps for putting the food together.

Following Directions setting the oven temperature and following the steps of the receipe

Writing creating a receipe can be as fun and challenging as any puzzle. Kids who like say baking cookies  can work at adapating a receipe. Maybe they love peanut butter cookes and they wou8ld like to add honey rosted peanuts, or even try a different nut als together. This adds a challenge and fun to cooking.

Cooking is an important life skill. It makes life easier and even cheaper if you can cook at home. But, it is also a way to practice educational skills and develop self-esteem by making something that did not exist before. I encourage you to cook with your kids for all the above reasings. And frankly because it just fun.

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