Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Be a Living Example--Follow Your Dreams!

Parenting it’s so important; we have to remember our kids are alwayys watching and learning. What we do and how we act is how they learn. A study investigating how children live when they grow up found that even with schooling and other influences 85% of us live the life our parents did.

This is the primary reason why I say that it’s important to watch your actions. Because your kids are watching! If you spend your time working a job that you hate, one that you had to do put food on the table and a roof over your head. But, the job drains your energy and your life. When you get home you have little left for them they will learn this is what life is. I know that this not the kind of example that you want to set for your children. Life is about following God’s purpose for their lives. Instead consider what would happenm if you got before God and found out what your purpose is and pursue it.Going after it with your whole heart; because that is what God wants for you, your child  would see that example. 

The only way for them to see it  is if you choose to do it yourself. Find some other parents who are or want to live this way just two or three and become accountability partners. A friend,  your spouse, your parents and other people in your lives who will undoubtedly and wholeheartedly support you to follow your dreams. So here are five things I suggest you do.

  1. Get a journal and write about all the things you thought about doing.  It can all the st
  2. Take the Mulyiple  intelligence Unventory. The multipleintelligence inventory is going to help you to figure out what is your primary secondary and tertiary form of btsom engagement which will help you figure out what you love to do and if you compare what you love and any careers that fall into that territory you then have a place to start. Once you have developed an  understanding about your brain engagement and how you can use it to direct your own path. Then you gain  a little bit of understanding about. what your kids  love and how they can begin to think aout their future in that way. Now, the Lord can begin to open your eyes your understanding of where you fit where He’s plugged you in why don’t you do those things and plug in and begin to go after the dreams the left of your kids will change because you are now being the example they need. By doing this you are giving them permission to go after their own dreams, in their own lives.
  3. Read Dr. Caroline Leaf's book called; Switch On Your Brain. This book will help you to work at changing your mind set and give you the tools you need to make a difference in how you live your life.
  4. Read Dr. Myles Monroe's book In Pursui of Purposwe.
  5. Get a group of people who want to do this and create an accountability group. Hole each oter responsible to get it done.Autjentocoty and Multiple Intelligences
  6. Meet with your accountability group often at least twice a month. Share your accomplishments, frustrations, and plans. Get feedback and pray together.
There is one thing you must remember above all things. If you want our children to live their best lives it starts with us setting the example by living your best life first!

I hope this helps you believe in your parenting all the more.

Believe in Parenting

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Going Back to School--Allergies

Here in Georgia Thursday is the first day of school for many children.Going back to school is often nerve wracking for kids and makes young kids heyper and a littler distracted. This is why it is important for parents to give the adults at the school good information about your child's allergies. KIds who have allergies, asthma, and especially food allergies need the adult responsible for their care to have all the infomation needed to care for them properly. As always I suggest you visit the school a day or two before school starts especially if your child is starting Kindergarten. This will give them a familiarity with the school. This is the time to take your child's food and other allergic information to the school nurse, cafetreria ladies, the office and your child's teaceher. Include a photo of your child with the information. So, here are the thingts Dr. Erin Gardner of Atlanta Allergy recommended on the Atlanta Checkup Radio Program Sunday July 28, 2019. If you do not have an allergy doctor for your child check out Atlanta Allergy and Asthma.

  1. Schedule an paoointment with your allergist and talk about retesting and creating a school plan to share with school personnel.
  2. Get refills and updates on medication. Take meds to school and find out school policy on whre the medicine is kept and who admisters the meds if the nurse is not in the shool daily. Ifr your school has a health clinic check in with them and discuss your child;s allergy. 
  3. If your child has a food allergy; create a food allergy plan with your chil;s doctor and be sure all relevant personnel have a copy. (Teacher, Nurse, Cafeteria Head, and Ofrfice.)

As an educational advocate I suugest you check in with the teacher at least monthly and ask questionms about what you are noticing your child having issues with in homework ask for suggestson you can help with at home. Review the allergy information with them and always find something positive to say to the teacher about their work with your child. You are the only one who has known you child since birht you know their stregnths and weaknesses. Be prepared to help the teacher who is in this most likely because she loves children. You can make her life easier by thinking through solutions rather than looking for issues. This person is an ally in getting your child to succeed treat themlike ome.

Believe in Parenting

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Effective Parenting: Focus on the End not the Beginning

I call parenting the toughest job you wll ever love and hate! This is the most uniqye job in the world because it asks you to help someone who is new to the world or someone who has benn bruised and battered by the world and give to them everything they will need to grow into an authentic and productive menber of the city, country, and global world to which we all belong. It feel daughning and it is exacting. But, this person is cute, loving, kind, funny, sometimes angry , scared, scarred, and overwhelmingly vulnerable. So, how do you do this job with love, support, discipline and even sterness, expectations, and support all at once?

Start with You

Over the years I have learned that being a great parent begins with knowing yourself, what you believe, what is important to you and why it is important. This is the foundation of authenticity. This is the number one thing that adults need to parent effectively. Why? The answer to this question lies in the fact that children especially ypung childen are keen observers. They spend endless hours observing the world around them, looking at what parents say and do consistently. As an early childhood teacher, I would tell parents I knew what was going on in their home by watching their children.

Once when I was observing in the three year old class room a little girl named Lin was in the hous keeping area. She put on a fether boa, a larg floppy hat and high heel she told her friend she would be back. She went to the art area and drew a picture, she went and got her snack, she asked the teacher a quetion, and then headed back to the housekeeping area and yelled; "Honey, I'm home". I have to tell you to this day it is the cutest thing I have everseen aloth that young lady is now probably 25. When her mom came to get her later that day I just had to ask. When you go out and come home do you usually say, "honey, I'm home?" she looked a bit startled and said yes, then I told her the story. She laughed and said they will give you away won't they, I smiled and nooded.

Later, when I was a center director at a military installation. I had a four year old David who everytime he made a mistake a certain four letter word would come out of his mouth. When I called Dad into my office to discuss he issue, he turned beet red, told me his wife warned him about his mouth, and  said he would talk to him. Several weeks later I was giving the classroom teacher a break when David made a mistake on his coloring page. Ge said, the four letter word and then said "oh I mean fiddle sticks". Then looked at me I smiled at him and winked.

The point I am illustrating with these stories is that your children will mirror who you are. The will highlight to you both the things you love and hate about who you are; so by working on yourself first you are changing that model for your children. One thing most people do not know about kids is that they will take a full 80% of what they see from their parents into their adulthood and only 20% of what they hear. This means your actions carry a heavier weight in your parenting than what you say. Thus, the saying actions speak louder than words is key to the process of effective parenting.

Adults not Children

It is difficult for most new parents to look at their child and realize in just a few short years they will be groown and off to college. When you have this little bundle of joy it is hard to remember the bulk of your relationship with then wil be as adult to adult. I realized earlier this week that the great anxiety we all had over the issue of Y2K was twenty years ago. Time really does fly. If you had a child in 1999 tget wukk tyrb 20 this year that is how fast time flies. Babies born during the time of 9-11 turn 18 this year.What I am saying is many times we worry about our kids and what is happening in their lives today. But, the best thing for us to do is to be concerned primarily with who they will be as they leave your home to begin creating homes of their own.

I think this is extreamely important because it will take the pressure off you wanting your child to be perfect. No one is perfet. All we can expect is for our children to do their best. If what we do is help them to think before they act. Get them to know the rules and understand how those rules apply to thhem.  Then teach them to use the rules to govern their behavior, attitudes, and how they relate to others. Then hold them accountable according to their age and understanding, only then can we begin to expect them to create the person they will grow into as an adult. Until then they are going to make the same mistakes we did and many times still do. Give your kids room to be human.

Parenting with the Future in Mind

The ultimate goal of parenting is to send your child into the world ready to take it on and win. This means preping them to be successful. There are five things to focus on here.

  1. Be a great example.
  2. Be authentic. While teaching them to be authentic.
  3. Live your own dreams, Hopes, and goals.
  4. Help them to explore who they are ant ehir own hope and dreams.
  5. Focus on helping them to live up to who they are meant to be and not who you want them to be

One of the reasons this is the toughest job you will ever love and hate boils down to one of my favorite sayings: "Your children are not yours, they are on loan from God". What I take this to mean is God sent your kids here wit ha purpose and that purpose is to serve Him. They serve Him by doing what He has sent them here to do. If you make that your focus; them you will become one of the most effective parents on the planet.

Believe in Parenting