Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Be a Living Example--Follow Your Dreams!

Parenting it’s so important; we have to remember our kids are alwayys watching and learning. What we do and how we act is how they learn. A study investigating how children live when they grow up found that even with schooling and other influences 85% of us live the life our parents did.

This is the primary reason why I say that it’s important to watch your actions. Because your kids are watching! If you spend your time working a job that you hate, one that you had to do put food on the table and a roof over your head. But, the job drains your energy and your life. When you get home you have little left for them they will learn this is what life is. I know that this not the kind of example that you want to set for your children. Life is about following God’s purpose for their lives. Instead consider what would happenm if you got before God and found out what your purpose is and pursue it.Going after it with your whole heart; because that is what God wants for you, your child  would see that example. 

The only way for them to see it  is if you choose to do it yourself. Find some other parents who are or want to live this way just two or three and become accountability partners. A friend,  your spouse, your parents and other people in your lives who will undoubtedly and wholeheartedly support you to follow your dreams. So here are five things I suggest you do.

  1. Get a journal and write about all the things you thought about doing.  It can all the st
  2. Take the Mulyiple  intelligence Unventory. The multipleintelligence inventory is going to help you to figure out what is your primary secondary and tertiary form of btsom engagement which will help you figure out what you love to do and if you compare what you love and any careers that fall into that territory you then have a place to start. Once you have developed an  understanding about your brain engagement and how you can use it to direct your own path. Then you gain  a little bit of understanding about. what your kids  love and how they can begin to think aout their future in that way. Now, the Lord can begin to open your eyes your understanding of where you fit where He’s plugged you in why don’t you do those things and plug in and begin to go after the dreams the left of your kids will change because you are now being the example they need. By doing this you are giving them permission to go after their own dreams, in their own lives.
  3. Read Dr. Caroline Leaf's book called; Switch On Your Brain. This book will help you to work at changing your mind set and give you the tools you need to make a difference in how you live your life.
  4. Read Dr. Myles Monroe's book In Pursui of Purposwe.
  5. Get a group of people who want to do this and create an accountability group. Hole each oter responsible to get it done.Autjentocoty and Multiple Intelligences
  6. Meet with your accountability group often at least twice a month. Share your accomplishments, frustrations, and plans. Get feedback and pray together.
There is one thing you must remember above all things. If you want our children to live their best lives it starts with us setting the example by living your best life first!

I hope this helps you believe in your parenting all the more.

Believe in Parenting

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