Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Parenting and Transracial-Blackness?

I have to chime in on this trans trend we have going on in the Western world. This was one of my concerns when I first heard about relativism. Where we can each choose our own truth, facts do not matter, rather how we feel about a certain subject is more important. Rachel Dolezal in point of fact is a Caucasian female. She has chosen to live her life as a black female. 20 years ago the headline would have been, White women pretending to be Black, does she have a right to high jack the Black Experience? Today the headline, is it a possibility that white people feel black inside? REALLY?

We have slipped so far from Dr King character dream. We are year by year moving away not just our character being celebrated, but moving closer to where character is relative. This case is a prime example. As parents look at this story, what should they tell their children?

Honey, it is okay she lied about being black, got a scholarship to an all black college. But, sued another one for denying her a scholarship because she was white. It is okay because she identifies herself as a transracial black person. So, even though she in fact has Caucasian skin on the inside she feels black.

I am not that confused! Parents should take a page from Dr. King and instead, tell their children something more like this.

Honey, we all get confused sometimes. However, we need to keep three things in mind.

  1. It is important to be honest to yourself above all. We all have things we wish were true about us.The key to living a happy life is finding those wonderful qualities we possess then focusing and growing those things.
  2. Authenticity is about learning to accept ourselves just as we are. Then sharing that person with the world. Our skin, eye, or hair color are only the surface  of who we are. If we live our lives based on those surface areas we rob ourselves of authenticity. This woman could have achieved all she did without trying to become something she was not. She chose the surface.
  3. Your character is your most valuable asset. Character is all about living the values you have been taught. Honesty, integrity, honor, justice, patience are all aspects of character. People see your surface and will often prejudge what they see. However, if you live your life based on the principle of values  whether people like you or not they will respect you. Ms. Dolezar chose a different path. Which is why we are having this discussion. 

Whatever, happens in this situation, I want you to s
tay focused on these three things.

In other words parents can chose to give their children tools to better their lives and teach them to live honest, authentic, and character driven lives.

Believe in Parenting!

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