Sunday, November 1, 2015

November is Education Parent Involvement Month

20 years ago I was an Educational Advocate, I wrote a blog piece in 2013 called the Confessions of an Educational Advocate. Where I gave some tips for parents on becoming advocates. My book Parental Advocacy: Getting you Children through School with Excellence is almost ready for publication. The most important thing for parents to remember is the school you choose is only there to help. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your child is well educated. The school is part of your team not the other way around. Here are a few tips for schools and parents.

  • Create spaces for parents in the school. 
  • Parent liaisons should be supportive and not critical of parents and their parenting.
  • Parents need to be welcomed into their children 's classroom period.
  • All school personnel need to respect parents and their role as the only consistent adult in the child's life.
  • Teachers should know each parents preferred method of communication.
  • Great school performance for children require getting into bed by nine pm for children eleven and younger, 10 pm through middle school.
  • Children need protein at breakfast to keep their brains active until lunch.
  • Know your child's teacher preferred method of communication and check in monthly.
  • Attend parent teacher conferences with your own thoughts and questions prepared. Take notes.
  • Create a homework routine at home.
  • Know your child's Multiple Intelligence (here is some info)
  • Plan on your calendar school events and make attending a priority.
  • Talk to your kids on a regular basis about how important education is to you. Be present in school, on field trips when possible, and join in on as many activities for parents at school as possible. This all lets your children see you value their education.
Believe in Parenting 

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