Friday, January 8, 2016

Teens and the Dangers of Cell Phone Bullying

There is a program in LA and many other communities where the police talk with parents and students regarding cell phones and bullying. This story, shares one such meeting. Parents need to know what is happening with their children, especially on their cell phones. One thing the officer pointed out. This form of bullying never stops there is no relief.

Parents should be actively monitoring their children's social media and cell phone usage. Make it a condition of getting a device. There are lots of apps for this process. PC Magazine has an article on good apps. There is a statistic which says 81% of teens are online daily. However, only 34% of parents are online.

Teens are in a similar in stage to two year olds. They are egocentric and think they can do things themselves. They are. Pulling away from parents in order to become their own adult person. Like a two year old teens need firm boundaries and close supervision. Though teens are older they are in no way prepared to be completely let loose. Social media is great for social interactions with friends. It is also one of the most dangerous tools in the hands of an angry or destructive teen. If you choose to let your children participate in social media supervise them on a regular basis. You are the adult, be the parent. Love your kids enough to let them say " I hate you". Let's be honest you don't always like them either!

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