Monday, September 19, 2016

Parenting Tip: Create Intimacy

Patr of being an effective teacher is connecting with your students in ways that mean something not only to them but, to you. The same is true being a parent. As I sit here on this rainy Sunday Atlanta afternoon.  I'm thinking back over the kids that I've known one comes to mind her name is Hawrrah. She was  student of mine at Dewey international Elementary School in St Louis Missouri. She was a beautiful Bosnian Muslim  and always wore scarf over to cover her hair. This is traditional in Muslim women.  One afternoon she asked me if she could come up to the classroom early from lunch I told her that it was okay. She wanted me to see her hair.  For a Muslim woman showing someone your hair is a very personal, private, and important experience. I felt honored she wanted to shared this with me. 

Looking back on this experience shows me how important it so to have on genuine personal, private, and important experience beween each parent and child. It starts with the adult making space and time for these interchanges to happen. When Hawrrah asked to see me during lunch I had no idea what she wanted. It was my making time and space for it to happen imandatory the experience affected and  impacted me deeply. This happened 16 yeas ago and it still affects me deeply. How much more will it affect your life with each child by making space for personal interactions?

This kind of personal interaction will build your relationships. Become intimately involved with your children and,as always,

Believe in Parenting and

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