Friday, December 23, 2016

Joseph was chosen to Father the Messiah

As we consider Christmas we often think about Mary and her being chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Have you ever taken the time to think of Joseph and the fact that he was chosen to be the Messiah's father.? We find out later that Joseph was a carptenter, because they call the Messiah the son of the carpenter. We know this was a lucrative profession at the time. Because carpenters built everything from tables to boats. But, what else do we know about Joseph?

Matthew tells us Joseph was a descendant from the house of David the second King of Israel. A direct descendant of King Solomon and was in line to be King ; if Rome was not in rule. Yet, the kingdom had long even forgotten and he was  insignificant to Rome, but not to G-d.

Joseph was also a devout Jewish beliver who  knew the law. When Mary was found pregnant, he could have exposed her as an adulteress and had her stoned. instead he decided to quietly divorce her which shows both love and compassion. He was a man of character.

Joseph like Mary was willing to submit to G-d and accept  hiscalling to be the father of the Messiah. Can you imagine the magnitude of the responsibility of this task? He was charged with the care and protection of the Messiah and his mother. The level of trust and honor G-d was bestowing on him must have been staggering.

Men were required to see over the religious and trade training of all his chilgren especially his sons. It was Joseph who saw to getting Yeshua circimcised, to ensuring Mary had her offering of cleansing 40 days after his birth. It was he who ensured his son attended the synogue and kept the feasts, as well as studied the scdriptures. He also taught Jesus his trade of carpentry. Spending long hours with in the shop guiding his young hands in using the tools, counseling him in working with wood, stone, and metal.

Human boys need the love,  guidance, and protection of their fathers. We know Joseph was living at the time of Messiah's Bar Mitzvah, but this is the last we see of him. perhaps because his job in the rearing of Yeshua was considered complete as Messiah after this was responsible for his own spiritual walk. We do not really know. But, we do know Yeshua was a kind and generous man, in part because the human man named Joseph was his father!

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