Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Why American Kids are Starving and Eating Three Meals a Day!

 I want every parent in America to stand up for their children. What we eat determines our quality of life. It is how our brain’s do or do not develop. Research is beginning to show that both Autism and ADHD are diet related. The kinds of high fat, high sugar food served in schools today are the exact foods that trigger the symptoms. Children and in fact all of us need foods that grow in the ground, on trees and not from factories.  Someone once said that “the love of money, is the root of all evil.” In the early 1900’s people sold plaster of paris as powdered milk. Now, in the early 21st century; it is selling food that feeds the stomach, but not the body.
The very people who want to “educate” our children are poisoning them with the breakfasts and lunches they give them 180 days a year.  That is 360 meals a year to be exact. This means that your children are eating foods that keep them from being hungry, but do not feed their muscles, their brains, or their hearts. But, instead bring ill health and sluggishness to their bodies and minds. I believe that until parents get involved and demand that healthy, well-balanced, and less processed food are provided for school lunches. The prediction of the World Health Organization will prove true. Our children will live a shorter, sicker, lower quality of life than their parents and grandparents before them.
  There are six foods to remember our children need to feed their bodies and there brains. They should start on these foods as soon as they are off formula and ready to eat good foods. They can be remembered with a great acronym GBOMBS.

G- Greens B- Beans O-Onions M-Mushrooms B-Berries S-Seeds

These are the basis for a plant-rich, nutrient dense, body and brain feeding diet. Jamie Oliver, Nathaniel Jordan, Dr. Oz, Dr. Mike Moreno and many others are standing up and talking about the standard American Diet *SAD* and the damage it is doing to ourselves and our kids. Get them ona GBOMBS diet and keep them on it. Teach your kids to feed their bodies and their minds with real food!

Believe in Parenting

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