Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Challenge of Parenting Teens Week One

Welcome to the Challenge!

Challenge Purpose

This challenge is designed to help parents to understand the development, thought processes, and needs of teens. Thus, giving parents the tools they need to empower teens to become strong, capable, and exceptional adults.

We are going to start this challenge by taking a walk down memory lane. This week I want you to think about your own teen years. What did you get from your parents that really helped you? What did you need from then and never really got? Was it easy or hard to go to your parents for love and support? What kinds of fun activities did you do together which made your relationship stronger?

We are starting here because most of us have forgotten what it was like to be this age. However, it was our experiences and remembered feelings, thoughts, successes and mistakes which will help us to better relate to where our children are in this stage; and maybe help us to both cut them some slack and expect more of them.

Here is your exercise. Post in the Challenge Group the answer to these following questions.

  1. What was the best part of being a teen?
  2. What was the worst part of being a teen?
  3. If you could go back and give your teen self advice.What advice would you give?
  4. Who was your best friend as a teen? Is that person still in your life? How did that relationship affect your growth into and adult?
  5.  What did you think it meant to be an adult then versus what you found it to actually be?

In order for this challenge to really be effective for you journaling is very important. The goal of this is for you to think about your parenting and to grow not only as a parent but as a person. I am asking you to consider this passage and write about it at least three days over the next week.

Journal Writing Passage

Over the years the world has changed. Though there are some things which are still the same life has changed dramatically over the years. Using the answers to the above five questions take some time to think about today's world and consider how your teen years will be very different than your own child adolescence will be. Write down your feelings about your own teen years and the dreams you have for your child's teen years. 

Making the shift from raising your children to influencing your teen starts with recognizing just how wonderful and strong your kids are. Like it or not it is time to reflect back on the fact that you were not a baby anymore and neither are they. It is hard to see this child grow and become so independent of you. But, that is life! The true goal of every parent is to work themselves out of a job. The job of helping this person become who they were meant to be and then go out and conquer the world. This is the last stretch of that job. I am hoping this challenge will help you to prepare to finish strong!

Believe in Parenting

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