Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Friendly Enemy

Today after  Temple service at Beth Hallel, I took a refresher course in child abuse and neglect. This is a free international program teaching children, teens, and adults about sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and trafficking. Creator of this program Lorraine Face credits the Lord Yeshua with helping her to be able to create this program. She's dyslexic and learning disabled. However, with great passion and knowledge she speaks more eloquently about this issue than just about anybody I've ever heard. She calls people who sexually abused children the friendly enemy. Please note that I did not say men. Many children are sexually abused by older kids, teens, and adults both male and female.

She specializes in bringing this training to teachers, children, and parents of Christian organizations. I wholly recommend this program to any Christian organization looking for training and understanding  of child sexual abuse.

The flyer she gave out today, asked a question why this still happening? The the answer "The convenienceans and automatiom of modern life underscores our progress civilized beings. Yet,  every year 300,000 children are in danger of being forced into the sex trade industry. why does still happening is a complex and elusive question. the solution is simply, education. empowering potential victims with information and resources will make a difference."

I also believe when parents know what to look for they become more empowered to recognize the friendly enemy, before their children experience trauma. Lorraine's website has free downloadable information on the topic. You can also donate there to support the organizations ittomorrow ability to deliver this training. The web designaddress is www.thefriendly enemy. com. the information is in several different languages,they are also looking for volunteers to translate it into multiple languages if you can help contact Lorraine at the website.

Empower yourselves and your children with the information you need to keep them safe.

Believe in Parenting

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