Saturday, July 11, 2015

Time Kids Need Quality and Quantity

Over the last several decades there has been an argument over quality and quantity of time spent with children. I believe this first came up with experts trying to reassure parents that even if they didn't have a lot of time to spend with their kids, the kind of time they spent with their kids made more of a difference. However, the truth is children need both. According to a Pew Research study done in 2013 the average child spends less than thirty one hours a week with parents. This averages out to about four hours a day. This includes getting them up, getting them dressed, ready for school, fed, home from school, homework time, ready for bed, and bedtime story. This doesn't leave much time for interaction and connection. I believe every child needs at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, of a parent  uninterrupted, undivided attention. Children feel important when the most important people in their lives, take time to listen to them, respond to their thoughts and ideas, tender loving encouragement, and  support. This is a meeting quality time. In other words time taken to connect heart to heart.

The other aspect of this argument is it children also need lots of time with their parents. There are several ways to do this. 1 is a date day, where parent and child plan an entire weekend day, or summer vacation day, to do something just the two of tthem.The day where cell phones are off, other electronic equipment was left at home, in parent and child are doing things that just focus on one another. Building relationships takes time. Just hanging out and being together, helps form bonds and memories which make the child and the parent feel connected. Ultimately this is what quality and quantity time it's for, building strong heart to heart connections. Life and living has become very busy efeffectivenessarenting takes a lot of love, quantity and quality time, connection of heart mind and soul . Parents must choose to spend their time wisely with their kids. find ways to build both quality and quantity time into your schedule. You only have 18 to 20 years with your children, before they leave home, and begin to build lives of their own. Make them count.

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