Saturday, October 31, 2015

Christian Parenting and Sexua Development Part One

In Christianity talking about sex has become taboo making room for agencies like Planned Parenthood and local school districts to begin to teach our children about sexuality. This is dangerous because though well meaning these agencies are not equipped to give our children the whole picture of what sexuality is and what it was designed to bring about in human living.

In all honesty our culture has reduced sexual connection to a feel good activity that can be used to sell products. Instead of the deeply personal communication which can exist between a man and a woman in a committed married relationship, which can sometimes produce children. I am going to write a series of blogs on Sexual Development for Christian parents. For the purpose of these discussions I will be using the following definition.

Sexual Development-Prior to puberty it is the understanding the differences between the male and female body, emotions, and attitudes. It can also be defined as a desire to want to be cuddled and close to other human beings. After Puberty the hormonal changes that allow for conception and childbirth. It is also physical desire and the desire to be close to someone physically both for cuddling and sexual intercourse. 

There will be many things I will suggest over the series of blogs here are the first three.

  1. Use proper terminology right from the beginning. Give body parts their correct names. Our bodies are private, but not shameful using incorrect names gives the impression of shame.
  2. Let your children see you being affectionate and occasionally French kissing. Why? Many years ago on a 20/20 I saw a 3 year old interviewed about what she thought was sexy. When asked how Mommies and Daddies kiss, she puckered her lips. When asked about how boy and girlfriends kiss she opened her mouth. The problem here not true. We are the example for our children while being too graphic is not okay showing genuine honest affection should be.
  3. Never talk about sexuality without mentioning God's plans for it and the commitment of marriage. Always tie the three things together.
That is it for now. Please comment and give feedback on these blogs. I need to know your thoughts and questions as we proceed through this topic.

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  1. Great technique to mention GOD when we talks about human body in context with sexuality and its role in every living being ,at 12 th level students learn about structure and hormones responsible for reproduction .i always starts with this line -we are the best instruments to transfer DNA of our parent,s carried from generations to our progeny . for this godly process we must follow some tips while we are growing for !1- we must care our body well FEED WELL for physical wellness ,2-read well about every thing related to better MENTAL WELLNESS ,3-keep in touch with parents to OBSERVE N ABSORB SOCIAL WELLNESS for better progeny ,4- always LOVE GOD as your creator n mentor of present life ,5-BE DEVOTIONAL TO PARENTS to keep family bond live n fresh.

    1. Gajendra thanks for you comment. Physical, mental, and social health are very important for any kind of relational interaction. Especially, when talking about the deeply intense experience of sex which is why it is so important to teach children God's purpose for it right from the beginning.