Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Give your Children the Gift of Giving

We are on the heels of Thanksgiving where gratitude is the hallmark of the day. The Christmas season is all about giving. Teaching children about the joys of giving will help them to be just a little less focused on getting. Though let us be honest it is also a season for getting.

Now is the time to start asking kids what they would like to give others. If they have not saved allow them to work at earning money to buy gifts. Talk to them about making gifts for friends and family. This is great for artistic children

One of the best things in life is making a plan to give something good to someone.There is an inherent joy in the planning, the anticipation of their response, and the joy we get in the joy of their getting it. We so enjoy doing this for others yet, we sometimes overlook teaching it.Take the time to hive your children the giving.

Believe in Parenting

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