Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Using Multiple Intelligence for Buying Christmas Gifts

Parents did you know there are eight forms of ntelligence. This theory is called Multiple Intelligence or MI. The most well known purveyor of this theory is Dr. Howard Gardner. I think it is very important for you to know each of your children's MI. In addition, to understanding them well enough to help them and their teachers use it in creating positive learning environments!

Here are the eight:

Linguistic-reading, audio\visual, listening
Logical/Mathematical-Thinking and figuring out how things work,Puzzles,
Spacial-Picture, artistic representation
Bodily Kinestetic- hands-on, involved in a physical manner
Interpersonal-talking or engaging with other people
Intrapersonal-getting time to think or ponder alone alone or focused on self-expression
Musical-sounds, rhythms or musical patterns
Nature-outdoors, animals, oceanic sights or sounds

Each of these eight can be a primary, secondary, or even tertiary form of intelligence. One way of discovering a child's MI is for them to take an inventory. Scholastic has a great one for children.

Why is MI important?

Each one of us learns differently. The eight ways of learning above effects the way we all see the world. However, they also effect how we learn in general.

I am a linguistic/interpersonal learner, guess what every teacher said about me in class? Yep, Barbara talks too much in class. My learning bent showed up. My second cousin Acacia was an exceptional gymnast, yet she struggled in school. Until she had a teacher who helped figure out how to get herself to engage physically in what she was learning or to do some physical activity to fire up her brain. As it turns out if a person regularly engages in things which are part of their learning bent learning becomes easier. This is why I am suggesting parents buy gifts for their children which will help them engage their MI. (I also think you should buy gifts for adults the same way.) I have created a .pdf for $0.99 which gives suggestions for things to buy for each area of MI. I hope you enjoy your holiday, while giving your loved ones the gift of brain power.

Purchase the list here..

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