Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 24 is the National Day of the Parent

May is for Mom's. June is for Dads. July is for Parents. Why a separate  month? Because people are starting to recognize  just how difficult and taxing  parenting can be. Though we celebrate Mom's and Dad's celebrating the process is just as important. Though not recognized curgently as an official  holiday  in the US it is acknowledged. How does onE celebrate Parenrs' Day?

Ultimately, this day is to celebrate  effective parenting is about parents and children spending time together building their relationships. So, make this a fun family day. Do one thing Mom and Dad like where everyone can be involved. And one thing the kids like. If that tends to be stressful here are some ideas:

Family Scavenger Hunt-pick several things you know your family likes doing. Write clues and place them in envelope each place should have a fun activity to do before  you leave. The last clue,should  send your family to a place your family CA sit down and share a meal or a drink and remenise about the hunt.

Take a Day Trip

Go to the local Zoo, Botanical Garden or Park

Go Fishing, hiking, or camping

Have a marathon game of Monopoly, Life, Clue, or Pictionary

Take pictures and create a scrap book a month later and remenise about the day. You can then get two relationship building  activities out of one. Remember, life and relationships are all about spending time with those you love! So plan the time when you can and make special times, and as always...

Believe in Parenting

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