Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How can PT&A Help Train Volunteers

Parents, Teachers, and Advocates  is dedicated to supporting churches of all sizes to train children ministry volunteers to educating children to develop strong relationships with the King of the Universe. Our class trainings are interactive, thought-provoking, and engaging.

It is our desire to serve children's ministry and their volunteers and it creating and engaging training opportunity in conjunction with the minister specifically for their volunteers. We recognize that every church has its own culture. It is our desire to ensure what we bring to your organization, not only operate within the culture but supports the volunteers in becoming a vital and empowered part of the church culture.

If you haven't Church of 1000 members or more we can come in to support you specifically to train your volunteers. If you have a smaller Church of 1000 members or less PT&A will host a variety of events to save you time and expense.
The first will be held this fall.
See the link below for more information.!Apy4g2_jG9GVg2Huh4j7_ff7Pbv0

We have a variety of trainings available:

Using Child Development to Create Appropriate Classroom Environments

Helping Kids Develop Tools to Take their Faith into the Everyday World

Creating Active and Engaging Classrooms

Using Observations to Support Proper Social Interactions Development

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