Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Your Life's Purpose Beyond Being A Mom

It is wonderful to be a wife and a mother God has blessed so many women with that purpose in life however he has not just giving you the purpose of being a mother.

If you feel bored lonely tired and now that your kids are back in school you spend more time watching TV then you do anything else then you're not living up to your purpose. Are you getting up every day and going to a job that you hate. Do you have things that you think are important to the job but your boss doesn't think so. It's time to take a step back and look at your life for what it is now and what it could be if you made a few changes. 

As a parent coach it's my job to help you get to the point where you are on Maslow' Hierarchy  of Needs this scale has at the very top of the list  where adults should be it's called self-actualization. This is the place for every adult should be living there Best lives. As as a mom this is very important because 90% of children Linda life they watch their parents live. The old adage the children live what they see is not only a saying it's a fact. Below is an exercise that will help you stop and think about where it is your life is and where you want it to be.

Answer the following 5 questions and be as honest as you can.

1. If you could do anything at all in your personal life what would it be.

2. Describe your dream job.

3. If there was one thing that can make your life or your marriage better what is it?

4. Describe how well what you believe what you think and what you do align with one another.

4. When are you the happiest?

Look back at your answers and answer the following question. If I took all of these things and put them together would that be my best life?

If your answer is yes. Your next step is to start building your thoughts about what your best life looks like. Dayream, then write your dreams don't and read them at least three times a day. What our are doing is getting unselfish to believe your  best life is real. Once you believe it. You will begin to move in terms directionot of bringing water you believe into existence. You can live your best life.  But, first you must believe it is possible!

Believe in Parenting 

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