Friday, February 3, 2017

Week Five: Authenticity Reflection

Welcome to Week Five

Over the last month we have looked at your beliefs, and examining them and bringing your thought life to work with your beliefs. Last week you found out your personality and the things you hold most dear in your life. Now, I would like you to take this week and examine how thinking about these things have brought about any changes.

Becoming authentic means being true to yourself. This process means you sometimes just sit with the changes your are making and reflect on how your life is changing and where those changes may be leading you. Take this week to reflect deeply on the new statements you are making. Think extensively about the talk you had with your significant other and just sit with what the last month has brought about in your life.

If you have not taken the time to journal this is the week to start. Whether you write or speak take the time to get your thoughts down. One of the greatest errors we make as adults is not taking the time to think about what we are thinking about. Go back and re-ask yourself the why questions. Be sure you understand your own thoughts and can explain them to yourself. If you need to have another conversation with your significant other. But, most of all take the time to be sure the changes you are making are about you being true to yourself and not some other reason.

Next week we will continue to make more changes. We will move into Multiple Intelligences and using them to engage our brains more fully.

Have a good week and as always,

Believe in Parenting.

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