Friday, January 27, 2017

Week 4: Authenticity,, Values, and Personality

Welcome to Week 4

Over the course of the last three weeks we have talked about your top ten values. Over the last two you have examined three and created statements as needed to re-train you subconscious voice. This week it is time to do a combination of things.

1. Continue the values part of the journey.

You have taken the time to examine your values and think about how they are being lived in your life. Now I want you  to use the tools you have gained to re-do steps two and three with the next three values on your list. By the end of the week you should strive to have at least one new statement to add to the list you repeat three times a day.

2. Take a personality test.

Authenticity requires we know the strengths and weekness of our personality. Self-acceptance and being comfortable in your won skin comes from know who you are and knowing your strength and weakness. This is also important in parenting. Children are very observant and they know which buttons to put in order to get their way. When the adults know their weaknesses and are aware of how to overcome them children are less likely to be able to sway them in their direction. Use the link below to take the inventory. Once you are finished read the strength and weaknesses of your personality trait. Also, read the highest and lowest number of your columns. This shows you what areas you consider important.Personality Inventory 

3. Journal about your thoughts based on your findings. What do these results tell you about yourself? Are you surprised? What are you happy about? Sad? Worried? Surprised?

4. Begin to discuss with your spouse or significant other the changes you are working on for yourself. Share with them the  insights, the feelings and the conflicts you are experiencing.You are in the process of some deep changes take your partner on the journey with you. It is your relationship which creates the foundation of your family. Keep it strong!

Believe in Parenting

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