Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Authentic Parenting in 2017

My Journey

Many years ago as I began my journey to find out what I was sent to Earth to do, I was very surprised to learn my call is in parenting. Although, I have always loved children and have been babysitting since age 13, becoming a teacher was the last thing I wanted. Yet, my journey towards becoming a parent development expert started with my graduation from Harris-Stowe Teachers' College now a University in 1989.At the same time I started my journey to become more authentic.

As a big believer in the saying you 'can not lead where you have not been.' I began the journey towards becoming more me. It started with my exploring my own values and ended with the ever challenging process of getting my everyday life to reflect my core beliefs. (This journey took me over 25 years and I am still working on it daily)

Your Journey

I call parenting the toughest job you will ever love and hate. People love being a parent because looking into the face of a child brings joy. Listening to their laughter, silly jokes, endless questions, and watching their eyes light up with new knowledge brings a smile to parents' faces. People hate it because as keen observers children reflect without fail all of the characteristics about ourselves we would rather remain hidden

There is only one way to make this better. You guessed it; the answer is to become more authentic. Over the course of 2017, I am going to release a series of weekly post designed to help you to become more authentic. Let me start by giving you the definition of authenticity.

Authenticity is the alignment of your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. It is the ability of being able to show what you really believe in your worlds and actions. 

The Start

Each week I will release a post and an exercise to take you a little further down the path to becoming more authentic not just as a parent, but for yourself. During this journey your inner relationship will change. We will be working on what you say to yourself and if what you say agrees with your beliefs. As your conversations with yourself changes so will the conversations you have with your children. 

This journey we are about to embark on is all about you. Before we start take time to to be honest about what you need. Becoming authentic is not easy, because most of us are comfortable living our lives based on other people's thoughts and beliefs. This journey will lead you to say no to many people, starting with  yourself.  I am warning you because people do not like to hear the word no. Especially, if you have not made a practice of using it. You will find yourself in uncomfortable situations on this journey. Be prepared for it!

The journey to authenticity is a journey to become true to yourself and to your children. Ultimately, the reason for this journey is because authenticity is a gift you can only give to your children, if you give it to yourself first. This gift is your foundation of living well. 

Believe in Parenting

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