Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week 3 Aligning Your Beliefs

Welcome to week 3 of  The Journey to Authenticity

I am going to share with you a little about my current Journey to Authenticity.
Last week I asked you to look at your top three beliefs and to take the time to look at them and figure out what your subconscious mind is saying to you and whether or not it agrees with what you believe. It is now time to change your thoughts so that they are aligned with your beliefs.

I want you to know that I'm taking this journey with you.

My goal in this journey is to align  my physical body is with what I believe is important for physical health. Therefore for this week I am going to use myself as an example.

My journey

 I believe that in order for a person to be healthy they must also be fit. However over the years I have said to myself over and over again that I need to lose weight. I've come to understand that losing weight and being fit are not the same thing.

 A friend told me a story of how a friend who was a size 4 and a friend who was a size 22 went to get their body mass measured in order to help the size 22 begin to lose weight. The interesting thing is once they had their body mass measured, it turned out that the size 4 had the exact same BMI as the size 22.  Which means neither one of them were in a healthy place. As it turns out the size 4 had much more work to do than the size 22. This led me to begin to understand that fitness and being overweight are not the same thing. It was a bit of irony to me when I figured out that being small does not necessarily mean you are not fat. Since I now realize that what I really want is not to lose weight but to be fit I have to change what I've been saying to myself .

There's a prophecy that says what you believe comes from what you say. Therefore it stands to reason that if I want to become fit instead of lose weight I need to change what I'm thinking is to change what I'm saying.

In the past I have said and thought, "I need to lose weight." However, with my new understanding I need to stop saying that to myself.  The goal is now  fitness.  I need to change what I'm saying from I need to lose weight to, * I need to develop a fit and healthy body".

Your Journey

Okay, you have my example so here is your challenge. Come up with three new things to say to yourself. One in each area. Then write them down. Each day three times a day get up, midday, and before you go to bed read them out loud. If you think of it during the day quote it. The more you say what you believe the faster it will become part of your subconscious voice. Remember your goal is to get your inner voice to tell you what your values are so you can change your words and your actions.
Which is the ultimate goal you want for your kids. Our goal is authentic parenting. Keep going it is worth it.

Believe in parenting

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