Friday, January 13, 2017

Authenticity Week Two: Your Subconscious Voice

Welcome to Week Two

Last week I asked you to write down your top ten values and your whys. This week we are going to begin to examine your subconscious and how it effects your thinking. It is very easy to let things we have heard or read effect how we think. Therefore, we can begin to think in ways which effect our belief system to both the positive and the negative.

For this week we are going to concentrate on your first thee values.

In what ever way you are journaling. I want you to write your values and the why leave space between them. If you are using a journal leave two or three pages between them.

 Over the next week each time you come across a situation in your life which has to do with the value write a  paragraph on it. You will find lots of opportunities to write. Because you are now focused on these particular values. It will pop out to you each time it comes up.

Next Thursday evening, I want you to sit down and read over what you have notice over the last wee. Are your thoughts, words, and actions lining up with what you believe? Write a paragraph regarding each on on how you do or do not see your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions aligning. You will use these paragraphs to help you the following wee.

Keep in mind as you interact with your children you should be working diligently
 to model authenticity. This alignment is all about giving yourself and them a blueprint for living an authentic life.

Believe in Parenting

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