Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Graco Seat Recall

If you are a parent of a child in a Graco car seat. take the time to check the information below and check your child's seat. Graco is asking parents to check and report if you have a model. They are saying replacement parts will be available 7-17-2017. There have been no injuries as of yet. However, I think it would be wise for parents to check the model numbers and if need be get a new seat. If you cannot afford a new seat many fire departments around the country help parents get seats.  Also check this website for more ideas.

The most important thing is for your child to be safe. If you buy a new seat be sure to keep your old Graco seat and the receipt for the new one. I am sure a class action law suit will be coming down in the future. You want to be sure to be able to prove your costs and be reimbursed should this occur.

I am glad Graco is stepping up to let people know about this issue. I am also sure they chose to let people know before they had the solution so parents could make their own decisions on whether to replace the seat now or wait for the kits. I applaud their honesty. I emplore you to check and be sue your child is safe. the information is in the chart below which I got from the Graco website.

This recall includes the following Graco My Ride 65 car seats in the table below:
Graco My Ride TM 65 Model NumbersAffected Manufacturing Date Range AND Webbing Tag Code 2014/06
19081527/23/2014 through 7/27/2014
18130746/20/2014 through 7/27/2014
18726915/16/2014 through 8/1/2014
18534787/11/2014 through 7/27/2014
18716897/5/2014 through 7/24/2014
18775355/26/2014 through 7/27/2014
18130157/3/2014 through 7/24/2014
17943345/20/2014 through 7/15/2014

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