Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Baby-The value of a Good Name

The scriptures says in Proverb 22:1 TLV

A good name is to be chosen rather than great wealth,
and grace rather than silver or gold.

This says to me the naming of our children is the most important aspect of our parenting them. The reason I think this is so important is because what we name our children is who they will become. Every time we call them we are telling them who they are.This really hit home with me recently at my home fellowship. A new member was speaking of her daughter our leader asked her daughters name she said Shekinah Glory. For a moment there was complete silence in the froom. What a powerful name! Each time she called her daughter she was reminding her she was always in the presence of the Most High God. 


I think there are four things to consider as we name our children.

  • Definition
  • Hearing from God
  • Their Calling
  • Creating a Positive Inner Voice

The top eight names for 2016:


Sophia-woman of wisdom
Enna-Universal Woman
Ava-Living and Breathing


Jackson-God is merciful
Aidan-Like a Fire
Lucas-From Lucania
Liam-Strong mind and protection

Examining the definition of these eight names gives you a quick look at why meanings are important.  Aidan means like a fire. This could be good or bad depending on how we focus him in life. Fire can be both warm and helpful, or burning and destructive. Giving your son a name like Aidan demands we care for his mental and emotional state so as we call him we are always building a positive bent to his nature.

Hearing from God
I believe we as parents need to pray and seek God to understand the purpose he is sending this little one into the Earth. David said in Psalm 139:14 all of my days were written in your book as yet none of them had yet been lived. The prophets of old would often tell parents who their children would be. He told Sampson and John the baptist mothers' as tow examples. If you pray and ask God will give you insights into the life of your child and who they are meant to be. He will also give you understanding on how to be an effective parent for this particular child. Once you understand who they will be it will be easier to name them. Keep in mind the meaning of your last name and how it can fit.

My full name is

Barbara-strange or exotic woman
Elizabeth-consecrated to God
Harvey-worthy of battle

So, on those days I heard at the top of my mothers lungs ny full name she was calling me:

You exotic consecrated woman worthy of battle

NOT Bad! 

However, when I heard it it was usually not good! LOL!!

You can look at the most popular names of last year and see some meanings were great and some not so much. Pick your child's name carefully. They will live up to what you call then.

Their Calling

I thin it is interesting how my sister got her name. My parents were arguing about tow names. One day I was talking to someone and said I am going to have a baby sister and her name is Angela. My parents looked at each other and shrugged. Her name is Angela and she is a writer. I think it interesting her name means messenger.She is living up to her name everyday!

Positive Inner Voice

Our children need to have their inner voice tell them they are smart, hard working and worthy. When kids have good names and are told often their names meaning and how they were named on purpose to fulfill the meaning of that name it helps tahem to form a positive inner voice based on the name. It is something they will think about often over the years of their lives. I do.

I want to congratulate you on your coming arrival and come up with a name who will let them know who they are and what they can accomplish!

Believe in Parenting

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