Sunday, January 7, 2018

C an you Hear the Voice?

The first time I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit I was sure it was just me thinking what He said. Because it was not just an impression, a feeling or a hunch. It was a spoken word the word was NO! I will never forget it. I was in the kitchen, I knew at that time it was going to be a while before He sent my husband. I know He told me to wait. I asked Him to provide me a male friend someone I could do things with, hang out with and who would occasionally kiss me. I got a loud, distinct, and forceful NO! At the rime I was so surprised. ut, I said 'okay but why" The full answer came slowly, but in that instant He said  a kiss is the first place a man take possession of a woman's mind, heart, and body. 
This is why the wedding ceremony ends in a kiss.

I few weeks later I got Dr. Chapman's book for the first time and realized that touch is my love language. The rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say. I again heard the Holy Spirit saying you would always be heartbroken.  Then I fully understood. I know there are those people who will tell you God does not talk that much. But, the truth is if you are listening the Holy Spirit is always talking. He cares about everything which concerns us. What we eat. Where we sleep. Who our friends are. What we do for a living. If you listen for His voice He will tell you clearly what to do.

The problem is people do not listen and therefore think He isn't talking. Big mistakes! I was recently speaking with a client who asked me "How do you hear from the Holy Spritt?" I told her I would have to think about it. Once I did I heard the Holy Spirit say; "this is why so many children fall away from the faith in college. They do not know my voice for themselves and therefore do not really know me. I want a generation of children who not only know about me but also know me. Teach parents to hear me sot they can teach the kids, my kids to hear me too."

If you have been following this blog for any time you know I uses Psalms 78:6 as my foundation scripture.

so the next generation would know them,
    even the children yet to be born,

    and they in turn would tell their children NIV

This scripture speaks of the responsibility one generation has to the next to teach them about God who He is and what He expects. A large part of that is teaching our kids to hear His voice and to obey what they hear.

If you are interested in finding out more. I am inviting you to join us on Tuesday evenings at I pm starting the 15th of January. The first three weeks is a free class on how adults can focus in and hear better from the Holy Spirit. The next class starts February 26th and will be an eight week paid class on teach your kids to hear as well. You are invited to come on the journey!

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