Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How to Hear from the Holy Spirit Session Two

I am assuming if you are reading this you have decided on two things. One the Holy Spirit does speak often and two that He wants to speak to you specifically. Great! Now one thing people often ask me is how do you get the Holy Spirit to talk to you? I often laugh at this question because it implies that you have to coax Him into it. When in fact it is the opposite. He is so eager to talk to you it would make your head spin if you could see how much!

He created you for this very purpose! He wants you to know Him as deeply as He already knows you. The Holy Spirit is about love, servanthood, and righteousness.  The Holy Spirit is the most tender and at the same time the most terrifying of the Godhead. He is kind, loving, and always there to help those who obey the scriptures and do the three things required.

Micah 6:8

What has God required of you oh, man? But, to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

To do this is as easy as loving God, yourself, and your neighbor.

Staying focused on these things will put you in a great position to hear from Him. He at the core is a servant He wants to help you hit the target for every area of your life and He cares deeply for the things you care about.

One evening I wanted to go out I was going to dinner with a group of singles from my church. There was one guy I wanted to impress. I was hemming, and hawing and I just could not decide what to wear. I heard the Spirit say, where this skirt with this top and that jacket. I had never thought to put those particular pieces together before and I loved the way I looked. When I got to the restaurant the guy I liked was there. He stood up and held out a chair for me and as I sat down he said you look very nice tonight. In the long run we decided we were better off as friends. But, I will never forget that God cared about how I looked that night because I did. That night He served me by telling me what to wear. Over the years He has counseled me in so many things they are to numerous to count. He wants to do the same for you.

However, He is God. And as loving as He is; He is also demanding and is straight up not happy about our putting anything before Him. He wants our love and focus to be on Him and His purpose for us. He will cause blessings to chase us down and overtake us when we do. However, He created our world where everything has an opposite, so if blessings chase you down if you are willing and obedient. Then curses will chase you down if you are not.  However, He is also gracious and merciful, so it is not always as bad as it could be in our lives. Yet, make no mistake this is the same God who had an archangel thrown out of heaven, caused the Earth to be flooded, confused languages at the Tower of Babel, rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom. He had the people of Israel backing away from Mount Moriah in fear, caused Israel to be overtaken again and again, and knocked Paul of his horse and blinded The Holy Spirit is King and things are His way period. He is kind and gracious enough to teach us His ways through the scriptures and He shows great mercy and kindness in holding off judgement as long as possible. But, make now mistake judgment is doming.

I am telling you this because many people who speak of the Holy Spirit fail to tell you all of who He is. Yet, you need to know exactly who you are dealing with and approach Him with the awe and reverence due Him as the one true God King and Master of the Universe. He expects awe and respect from you. Because you want to hear from Him and know Him we all need to start by focusing on the love God has for us. The gospel of John is the book in the scriptures which gives the clearest picture of the love God has for us. I encourage you to listen to it this week. I encourage listening because something happens to us as we listen to the word and not just read it. I find it interesting that faith comes by hearing the word and not by reading the word.   (Romans 10:17)

Question for Week Two

How do you feel and what do you think about the Holy Spirit being both loving and terrible?


Write and consider how you feel about the Holy Spirit being both loving and terrible. Explore your feelings about this. Talk to Him about it and as you Soak this week take time to let Him minister to you in this aspect of who He is.

Listen to the gospel of John again this week.  . As you listen take time to journal what jumps out at you that is God loving an individual or a group of people.


Look up the words from Micah 6:8 Just, mercy, humility. How so these words apply to you in your life?

Things to Take From this Lesson:

1.      The Holy Spirit is full of lovingkindness.
2.      He is God and as such is is both Great and Terrible
3.      He has some things He expects of us. He is willing to not only help us to meet the expectations He empowers us to meet them.

4.      He wants us to understand His love for us and then to live in it.

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