Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kindergarten or Bust!-Registration in Fulton County end of March

It is  February 22nd. it is hard to think of your pre-Kindergartener going off to Big Kids School this fall. However, ready or not it is time to start planning for registration if you child i going to Fulton County Schools. The AJC posted an article on February 2, 2018 Fulton County Sets Up pre-K, Kindergarten Registration the dates are March 28 from 8 an-4 pm and March 29 from 8 am to 7 pm. So, six weeks ahead is a good time to begin to plan ahead. If your child is in a pre-K program it is likely they will have a meeting for you where the center will give you al the current forms they have so you can register your child. Many centers will also plan field trips to Kindergarten classrooms so kids will have a chance to check things out.

I have some suggestions for you as you embark on getting your child ready to make the jump to Big Kids School.

  1. Learning is a process. The process is made up of four things. Instruction, Supervised Practice, Independent Practice, and 
  2. School Choice choosing a school is about making sure your children are in the right place is something a yearly decision. Look at the current school situation. If you are happy with it then choose it. If not then it is time to look at something else.
  3. The most important skills for Kindergarten are not leater or number recognition but emotional intelligence skills. Take a look at the list below.
Elements of a child ready to enter school:
-Cooperative play with others
-Ability to identify own feelings
- Self-control
-Follows routines and rules
-Listens and follows directions
-Ability to get along with others in conflict
-Uses words to express ideas, and ask questions
-Communicates on an age- appropriate level

When Kindergarten teachers and other early professionals talk about social/emotional development or emotional intelligence these are the things they are talking about. In study after study it is these skills which lead to school and life-long success. Kindergarten is to learn the other skills. These skills are the foundation for Kindergarten; be sure your kids are ready.

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