Thursday, February 14, 2019

It is time for the church to take her head out of the sand!

Hello, as many of you have probably seen on Facebook and Linkedin, I am one of four host on a new show coming to Christian Television and Queen Ester network in Macon, Georgia. The show is called Moms of Compassion. It is our goal to bring to the forefront of Christian living the struggles, hardships, and needs that the church has been ignore for decades.

These issues are as follows:

Special needs children, mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse,spousal abuse, child abuse, sex trafficking, pornography, abortion, and many others.

I can tell you that after communing with the Holy Spirit, He is not happy. He called us to the Earth to be His hands and feet to bring hurting people comfort, support, aid, to bind up there wounds, to get in the trenches and help them. To work with and be led by Him to the remedies to help people deal with what's going on in their everyday world.

Instead, we have abandoned them,  looked down on them with our pride and log filled eyes. It is time for us to take our heads out of the sand. It is time for us to recognize that we have failed to love one another. To really love and care for the least of us. It is time to wake up and be about our Father's business.

Moms of Compassion is a television talk show dedicated to Bringing these issues to the forefront through conversations and then getting out into the community and bringing forth solutions, information, support, and resources for people who need them.

I recently heard the story of a special-needs family whose child admittedly an older child accidentally soiled himself at church. Did the church respond in a loving and caring way? Letting the parents know that even though the child was older, we recognize and he has special needs and he may not have all the capabilities of other children. No, you Guessed It they asked that family to leave the church and not bring that child back. The left foot of fellowship!

It makes me ashamed to call myself a Christian  because they do. It just adds another layer to the line Christians are the only ones who shoot their own wounded. It is time for the Bride of Christ to stop acting like a bunch of lily-livered wimps and stand up and come against the enemy with everything in us and love  know another, and hurting people with everything in us.

I know this post is a rant and I'm sorry. For those of you who follow me I know you know that my heart is to help and support people. To give people especially parents the tools and resources they need to do an exceptional job with their children.

It is my hearth desire to see the church step up and become exceptional  in how they care for God's  people.


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