Friday, February 22, 2019

Moms of Compassion Community Forum Tour of Georgia

Hello I am so excited to be a part of a phenomenal group of women Sheneeza Volcova, Corey Lowe, April Ward, and I are the hoSts of a new Christian Television Network and Queen Water Network talk show called Moms of Compassion. This is a project of His Kindness Foundation and is a nonprofit work to combine our mission of serving Christian community by bringing everyday issues into their living rooms and then getting them to come out of their houses to meet as a group to provide the answers they need through outreach, subject matter experts and people in the community who want to help and support families as they are empowered to turn and help someone else to come throught the same issues.

This concept is unique. Because we are not just working to produce a television show. We are r3eaching into the homes of hurting poeople and then bringubg the answers they need abd are looking for with our Moms of Campassion Tour.

I want to share the fact that our first community forum is going to take place on March 14th 2019 acting East Roswell Recreation Center from 6 to 8 p.m. ourfocus  is on the needs of special needs children, their families, and how the church can support families who need it.

I can tell you that we are looking for service providers, support group leaders, families with special-needs children, churches who want to support them, respite agencies, and the general public who are looking to be able to  help these families, to come and be a part of the conversation.

We do have vendor and sponsorship opportunities if you're interested and we would really like to have at least 30 vendors. There is room for everyone we want to make your service known to those families who need you. Here is a link to the information.

As I stated earlier this Moms of Compassion Special Needs community forum is coming  to a city in Georgia near you. If you are a parent, provider, respite organization, or physician. We would like to speak to you about being a Keynote Speaker for one of these events near you.  If you have questions please contact me at or Sheneeza Volcova at

If this idea intrigues you, but you can not participate in person. We would appreciate a donation to our Fundly page here is that link.

Here are our tour dates (more details to come):

Roswell 3/14/19

Macon 4/18/19
Augusta 4/25/19

Albany 6/20/19
Athens 8/22/19
Chattanooga 8/29/19
Savannah 10/24/19
Valdosta 10/17/19

Special needs parents are a unique breed of people they love their children and they do everything they can to help them become as and dependent as possible.

Please come out and support them because if you're like me and you believe in parenting then the best thing we can do is offer loving kindness and support to pair to have one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

Believe in parenting!

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