Friday, February 17, 2017

week 7: Authenticity Answering the Deeper Questions

Welcome to Week Seven

Now, you have taken the time to think about your values, personality, and  multiple Intelligence it is time to begin thinking about some of life's more complicated questions. There are ten of them. I am going to take the next for six weeks to ask you to journal about them. I will ask you two questions each week except for number 10. The last question is not difficult just very thought provoking.

I encourage you to take several days to think and journal about each question. this exercise is designed to help you go deeper into what you think and what is important to you. In addition if you are part of a couple use these questions as discussion starters. The answers will help you understand each other much better.

Okay, here are the first two questions.

  1. Which three roles in life are most important to you and why? (Daughter/Son, Sibling, Friend, Spouse, Mother/Father, Cousin, Employee/er, or any other you can think of, choose only 3. 
  2. If you could do anything at all in your work life what would you choose? Are you doing it? If not what would it take to get you there?
In answering question 2 please consider you life now and not roads not taken. If you have always wanted to be a professional dancer, but are 40 and have not taken a lesson in 20 years it may not be realistic. However, there may be other ways you can be involved in the world of professional dance; explore them.

In this journey to discover and be true to yourself these two questions will allow you to explore your current roles both personally and professionally. Take several days on each question. I suggest you even take a day or two to simply sit with them before you begin to journal. I hope you have a great week. As always;

Believe in Parenting

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