Wednesday, April 15, 2015

APS Cheating Scandal My Radio Commentary to Georgia Public Broadcasting

How do you feel about the APS Scandal?
When Sean Powers of GPB asked me this question I had to stop and think. When I first heard about the scandal I did not believe it. I’ve been an educator for many years and I thought no fellow educator would do such a thing. It flies in the face of everything education stands for. I did not want to believe educators who knew the children they taught would knowingly put them in such jeopardy.

For me, that’s the worst kind of betrayal. It is equivalent to what happened during the Enron scandal. These teachers robbed the minds of these children in two ways. First, they encouraged the children to cheat. Taught them to act without integrity. They gave them the correct answers not to further their education, but to gain personal or economic benefit. Secondly, they made it look as if the children had learned and understood something they hadn’t. These teachers put their students’ future education in jeopardy.

Monday, on the first day of sentencing the judge said he might have to someday put these same kids behind bars. And that brought it home for me. The actions of these school personnel is far reaching and utterly disgusting.

On top of that all though convicted of their crimes they now have the nerve to refuse to admit guilt. They think that on appeal they may get better sentences or walk away without punishment. REALLY.  What about the children whose minds, character, and lives they robbed

Don’t they deserve justice? I am sick, disgusted, and grieved by the behavior of these so called educators. But, more importantly I am overwhelmed by the pain and betrayal they have visited upon the parents, children and city of Atlanta. 

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