Thursday, April 16, 2015

Parenting, Alcohol, Hot Tub, and Naked Twister

This sensational title refers to a thirty-five year old Mom who participated in a drinking and sex party with her 16 year old daughter and some of her daughter's male friends. Story link The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) took her children and rightfully so. However, I think there is a bigger problem here. This Mom was in AA, itv was her sober coach whob ured her in. Again, the correct thing to do. My suspicion is this is not the first time this family had contact with DFCS. However, the case was probably closed or being monitored. I believe there needs to be programs which the state can push adults into for after care and support. If this family was mandated to attend such a program; a professional may have been able to keep this troubled parent from going of the rails. Ac professional could have intervened before thiscl parent got to  the point she was engaging in such detrimental behavior. I wonder where her family and friends were in this situation. Had they noticed but, had no idea how to help?

Sometimes, troubled adults need more help. Especially, those who are also responsible for minor children. So, for those of you who need help figuring what to do keep reading!

Get together some friends and talk about how to help this person succeed in recovering. Study about their condition and how it can affect children.  Here are some other ways you can help.

  1. Get in contact with an agency, counselor, or pastor who specializes in the area your person is struggling to overcome. Meet with them and ask for advice and support.
  2. Talk to your recovering friend about your wanting to help or support them and the family as they go through recovery.
  3. Give them the information you found and encourage them to go see someone. Even go with them as a support.
  4. Offer to take the kids if the parent is feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  5. Pay attention to the adult's mental and emotional state. If you see they are in need suggest they see someone and offer to take the kids.
  6. Discuss creating a family safety plan. Do this especially if the person is resisting help. If there is trouble the children need to have a plan. Do this both if the parent is supportive or resistant. If they are resistant keep the plan between you and the children. Here is a link to understanding and creating one.
Please remember you could be the difference between a troubled pparent getting this far out,of control and a parent who recovers and teaches the kids that as Randy Travis sings Tough times Don't last Tough People Do.

Believe in Parenting


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