Friday, April 10, 2015

Colorado's Parents Rights Bill

 Colorado is looking to expand co-parenting rights in giving unmarriied, separated, or divorcing parents equal amounts of time with children if both parents are basically normal and without child endangering habits. There are supporting and opposing viewpoints.

The folks for the law want to see parents to have more opportunities and room to make decisions especially when speaking about custody or (responsibility as labeled in Colorado). The Judge in Colorado decides best interest  of the child. Tis law helps determine boundaries especially in co-parenting relationships.

Those opposed to this law are concerned about parents developing too much power over their children lives. This is especially true in abuse and neglect cases where parents tend to be both controlling and manipulative.

As a child and parent advocate I usually lean toward what strengthens the parent-child relationship. I believe one of the largest issues in the world is governmental oversight of parents. Governments all over the world are becoming more and more "big brother-ish" when it comes to parenting largely due to the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child. This treaty while very positive in recognizing children as human beings and should be treated with dignity. Also, over encourages  nation states to oversee all their children. This can only lead to more nations following Scotland's example with their "Getting it Right For All Children" program (See more here) this is the biggest danger to families period. I applaud Colorado for striving to give parent protection from this kind of government control. Below are an article for and against. As well as the study the for used as a reference. What do you think?!/menu/standard/file/Warshak-


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