Friday, March 31, 2017

Week 12 Authenticity-Body, Soul, and Spirit

Welcome to Week 12

Man is unique in the animal kingdom. We live in a body, which is empowered by a soul. Yet, we also have an eternal component called a spirit. This eternal portion of our existence is what people talk about in those near death experiences. It is this portion of our lives which ask the questions about life after death, begin to believe in reincarnation, or seek out a higher power/

My father was a true believer in a higher power. He submitted himself to the Creator of the Universe and taught me to do the same. It was long conversations, lots of laughter, and even some tears we shared as we talked about what we believed and why. It was those talks which gave me the confidence to know there was something bigger I was a part of, and that I could chose for myself to participate or not.

The choice to believe in a higher power is individual. I will say I believe the Creator of the Universe cares for each of us and desires to be in a heart to heart contact with each of us. However, He will not force that relationship on anyone it is a choice. You have to ask for it. Spiritual development is more about learning to listen to listen to your conscious.There is in all of us a quiet voice telling us what to do, it makes us feel guilty when we do wrong things, tell us to hold our tongues. and even reminds us when we need to apologize.

It is the process of learning to listen and obey our conscious which is the beginning or spiritual development. This part of our lives we often hear referred to as the sixth sense. It is in fact our spirits which connect us to a world we can ot perceive with our natural eyes and ears. It exists on another plane of existence. We do have access to that plane on a very limited level. We can go deeper into the realm if we elect to do so.  If you are then so inclined asking th creator to begin to speak to you is the next step and listening to what He has to say. Which will lead you further into a spiritual life.

Authenticity and being true to yourself is about recognizing and accepting every part of our make up. The sixth sense is not a mystical, voodoo seeking, witchcraft part of us. It is the part of us made to seek something higher than ourselves. Seeking to serve others and be a "good person" it is the part of us which reaches to do more, make life better, and strive to always give more than we get.  Learning to pay attention to this part of our lives helps us to connect more deeply with ourselves, our children and every other human being on the planet. I challenge you to explore this and see if your life becomes richer! Here are your exercises.


  1. Sit quietly and ponder ans issue which has been troubling you. Just give yourself the time to sit with it and see if an answer to the problem comes to you. Then do it.
  2. Talk about this with a friend or your significant other. What do you believe about the sixth sense?


Spend this week writing in your journal what you believe about your spiritual self. Is what you belief, think, say and do, aligned in this area? How can you get them to line up? What so you want your children to believe. Aare you a living example of this for them?

I hope as you consider last week and your relationship with your father. Along with this week of thinking about believing in something bigger than yourself. You begin to experience the wonder of a bigger and brighter world! Then pass it on.

Believe in Parenting

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