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Week 5: Physical Development It is all about Hormones

Welcome to Week 5

Physical development of teens starts in the pituitary gland which releases hormones which tell the body to start maturing. These hormones produce crazy people! I was one long ago. I remember at age 12 or 14 I looked my Mom right in the eye and said something woefully sassy and disrespectful. My Mother threw her full glass of cold water into my back and grounded me for the weekend. She took away my phone and everything! LOL little punk that I was I fully deserved it. But, what made me do such a stupid thing! You guessed it I was hormonal.

Hormones do not excuse bad behavior. It does however explain a few things. Boys are just as hormonal as girls it just is not as traumatic as a period or migraines which can start at this age. Still, boys can grow as much as a 1/2 inch overnight, gain several pounds in a month, and talk with a squeaky voice one minute and a baritone the next. It is an uncomfortable and uncertain time they are often not sure which way is up.

Girls begin to grow breasts, start menstruation, and begin to have their hips round out. The hormones here can be hard to deal with because the changes happen both fast and slow. The hormones make it hard to think clearly and make sound decision. This is why teens need a lot of supervision. In short hormones make them reckless and foolish. This is just a fact of life. Depending on how sound and practical a teen personality is it can make a difference in not just what they are foolish and reckless about. One child may be reckless and foolish in trying out for a sport they are woefully bad at; while another may try drinking ro crack. This is why parenting at this age needs to be about picking your battles. If it is not going to cause hurt, harm, or danger to your child or anyone else. Let them try. It is okay for them to do new things. If it is something very questionable then you put your foot down and help them fins another way to meet the need.

There are three things which can help the physical development run more smoothly. They are diet, water, and sleep.

Diet-teems are notorious for eating lots of junk food. However, I believe it is because junk food is quick and easy. Making nutritious food quick and easy can combat this bad habit. During this time the body is rapidly changing and in need of lots of calories. Having lots of good food prepped and ready to eat where teen can grab it will help keep them full with food which will also fill them with vitamins, nutrients, and other things which feed the body and not just curb hunger.

Hydration is also an important part of the bodies growth and development. Teen drink a lot and while things like Gatorade help keep the body fluids up and give good nutrition. Water is the best for hydration. Coconut water is even better. Some say it is a natural hydration and helps the body absorb more fluid from other liquids consumed. Teens should be drinking half their body weight in ounces of water a day plus other liquids.

Sleep teens need 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Surprised? Yes, their bodies are changing that much. Did you know the body only makes the changes it needs to make as we sleep? The body is doing too many other things when we are awake to be able to repair cells, produce new cells, expand or contract muscle mass, repair or build neurons, make blood, and I could go on and on. Teen bodies are going through so many changes it is hard for a teen to go through the physical changes if they are deprived of sleep. Did you also know your sleep patterns affect your teens behavior. Teens want to be adult if they see young stay up late subconsciously they think in order to be more adult like they should stay up too.
In fact I would go so far as to say your patterns of eating, drinking water and sleep will greatly effect what and how your teen does the same.

Physical development is a large part of most of the teen issues. hormones and body changes can greatly effect how your teen feels and reacts. Keep it in mind do not let them get away with bad behavior. At the same time cut them some slack sometimes they need it.


  1. Read the article on sleep patterns linked in the article.
  2. Take time this week to examine the example you are setting in eating, water intake and sleeping. Adjust where necessary.
  3. Share the knowledge about eating, sleep, and water with your teen and make it into a challenge to see who can do better over the next month.

Think about the physical changes your teen is going through. Try to remember for yourself what that was like and write about it. If a story comes up tell it to your teen. Write agout somje studid things you did as a teen and examine them in you adult mind. Consider your thinking then and allow it to guide you in talking with your teen about their issues.

Teen physical development can be hard. Support your teen through it. Remember they are at a point where they are a slave to their hormones. You are not. Do not take it personally, it is a stage your ten is not trying to gait you they are trying to deal with a body they do not recognize as it is doing strange things without their permission. They are scared deep down. Remember that and let them know you are on their side.

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