Thursday, July 13, 2017

Back to School Readiness

Here in Georgia it is back to school time. Most schools in our area will be back in session August 8th. Getting back to school after the summer can be a hard time for families, there are school supplies to buy, uniforms to find and purchase, school bus or other transportation issues to work out, before/after care to arrange, and a routine to think about and establish. The home school connection is an important part of family life and this goes for kids and parents.

Here is a list of suggestions for back to school readiness:

4 Weeks before school is back in session

Read the school discipline and safety policies and talk to your kids about them. (See district website)

Discuss what plans you can make regarding bullying at school and develop a safe word the child can text in case of emergency.

If you need assistance with school supplies google back-to-school fairs in your area and make a plan to go.

Have your children take a multiple intelligence inventory (MI). For more information click here.

Set up the homework area to reflect their MI.

If you are planning to do a carpool reach out and make a plan for it.

2-3 Weeks before school is back in session

Begin getting your kids into the routine of getting up for school.

Go shopping for a backpack (I recommend the ones on wheels to prevent injury.), supplies and uniforms (if needed)

Talk about and make a plan for children getting information to you from the teacher. I recommend you have a specific folder, such as an animal print/face where all the correspondence you need is in the folder.Share this information and show the teacher the folder, so they are aware of the plan.

If the school is new, take a trip and let your child get used to the new surroundings

Take your child to the school to meet the teacher, call ahead and arrange this meeting.

Be sure to ask the teacher for contact information and the best way for you to reach out and share your information.

If your child is taking the school bus, take them by the corner or walk them to it if they will be walking alone to the stop.

Discuss lunches and your plan for them. How often will they buy or take their lunch. Ask them for input on what they might like to have included in their lunches.

Talk about homework and afternoon routines.  Create a plan for the family around this time and discuss it let everyone state their opinions and come up with a plan.

1 Week before school is back in session

Have a good-bye to Summer Bash

Get things ready for the first week (iron clothes, make and refrigerate/freeze what can be used for lunches. (entrees, juice boxes, fruit bowls)

Pack backpacks with supplies needed mark ones you want the children to keep with their name or a symbol so they can identify what they keep.

Review the school and discipline policies

Talk to your children about your hopes and dreams for them going into this school year and let them share theirs. Write them down and review tham about every six weeks. Talk about what you can do to stay on track.

Talk about what school means to you and why you think it is important. Follow through on contacting the teacher and keeping up on all the important comings and goings so you can be involved as much as possible.

I hope this helps you kick off the school year in a positive and less stressed vibe. You can  do this! Have a lot of fun with it, school will soon be back in session. Enjoy the last dog days of Summer.

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