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Solve the Mystery of You: a Master Class-Registration Blog!

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We all experience issues of tragedy and triumph in our lives. It is these highs and lows in our life which make us stop and look at our lives, where we are, and where we go from here. One such tragedy hit my life in 2003, when I was told I was permanently visually impaired. It hit me like a ton of bricks to know I had Diabetic Retinopathy. This sent me into depression and I had a hard time seeing up. This started me on a journey to find out for myself who I am and what does life have for me now. Though in my 20's I found my purpose to serve children and families through parent education I asked myself: what does that look like now? Can I still fulfill what I feel is my life's calling? Little did I know how this journey to find the answers would only deepen my call and make it even more real to me.

Through a series of books, working with my clients , and soul searching, I discovered who I am what I believe and how to pull all that together and become more true to myself. I have turned this experience into a class I have done with hundreds of parents. The class is called Defining Values/Achieving Goals. The purpose of this class is to help adults reach the highest level of Maslow's pyramid self-actualization. One of my clients said to me it is like I am discovering myself. In prayer one day the title Solve the Mystery of You came to me. Thus,the master class came to be.

Here is the class in a nutshell:

Over a 12-week period we will meet in a video conference where I will do a mini-lecture on that weeks exercises and what I want you to do and what it will bring up for you to think about. Each weeks assignment will consist of one exercise and one journaling guide to prompt you to think about what you have learned about yourself from the exercise and how it applies to your life. Some exercises will require you to be introspective. Some will require you to talk to your significant other or a close friend. All the exercises are designed to get you to know yourself better. Authenticity requires a true and deep knowledge of what you believe and why. My goal is two-old one to help you to get a clear view of who you are and to develop a personal mission statement for your life. The second is to give you the tools you need to help your children get to the same space. 85% of what your children will carry with them into the future is what they see you do! Which reinforces my feelings about my least favorite statement when it comes to parenting: "Do as I say, not as I do." This statement does not work and never did. Your children will do what you do and become better at it than you ever could.

I wish I could promise you stunning, miraculous results but, much of this is dependant on you and the work you are willing to put into each week. After Week one the majority of our calls will be on discussing what we have learned. If you feel you need private consultations we can discuss it along the way. But, most of this is me guiding you along the way. 

If you are interested in going on this journey the cost of the Master Class is $240.00 or $20.00 a week. For some of you this is pocket change for others of you this is a sacrifice. So, I am giving you time to save. 

(If you need the time I will allow you to pay in installment. You need to contact me to set this up. The full price must be bad by the end of the registration period. If you do not pay in full you will not get to participate and I will not refund your payments. So, please count the cost before contacting me.

The class starts Tuesday September 11, 2017. The last day to register is September 10 at 11:59 p.m. I am limiting the class to 30 participants, this way I can make myself available to everyone. If you are interested in Solving the Mystery of You you can register here

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