Thursday, July 27, 2017

Parents: 5 Things About Homework Teachers have Forgotten to Tell You!

Multiple Intelligence is Important

If you have been following this blog for any time you know multiple intelligence is the way your rain engages at the highest level. Here are two blogs that will help you understand it if you have not read about it before. (Giving your Kids the Gift of Brain Power and Fighting ISIS Using MI)  The tool of multiple intelligence allows human beings to rev up their brains ability to engage at a high capacity. Doing activities which fall into our primary, secondary, and tertiary forms of intellect allows us to re-engage our brains from a tired, blanked out, or distracted place to focus and think better. Therefore, it makes perfect sens to use a 10-15 minute time frame before homework to geted the brain revved up for it.

Learning and Instruction are not the same.

You might ask me why is this so important? It is because there is a large fallacy in our culture about learning and it will effect your children if you let it. Here it is: learning does not take place in school, instruction does. There is a process to learning: 1) the teacher instructs the students in whatever subject matter is presented, then provides opportunities for kids to participate called guided practice. 2) Teacher provides in class "guided" independent practice and works with the students to get the concepts down and  be able to use them. 3) The teacher provides independent practice called homework where the student puts into practice what was instructed in class. This is where leaning takes place! It is when children put info practice for themselves the instruction given in class. They lean bb focing thier brains to use the new information. So, this process works so much better if just before they sit down they have turned their brains on to max capacity.

Clear Expectations and Rewarding can Help

The main task of parents in the learning process is to support both the child and the teacher. A discussion at the beginning of the year about your expectations surrounding homework. I recommend you develop a reward system surrounding doing homework and turning it into the teacher. This could be a quarter or semester goal and something simple. Like getting a more expensive something for heir homework environment, or a chance to go to a more targeted camp focusing on their favorite activity. The reward should be focused on either their MI or favorite school subject. Try not to make it random. The goal here is to help kids to get and stay motivated in doing and turning in their homework.

Homework Rules and Routines Make Life Easier

In our world with kids engaged in all kinds of activities, online and off it helps if you hdevelop a fue rules and routines when it comes to homework. Depending on the age of our childen homework could last 15 minutes to an hour or two. Decide the best time of day for kids to do their homework. I suggest they have at least a half hour/45 minutes home from school before doing their brain activity so they can unwind and decompress from the day. Just like us kids need a the to break up the time between work and the evening. I suggest only a few rules.

  1. Homework or not this time of day is used for some form of learning activity which does not involve screen time.
  2. Doors are to be kept open during homework time.
  3. Homework time is quiet time if you are using sounds or music it should not disturb others.
  4. Homework routines can be S-Th, giving kids two days respite.

The Environment Makes a Difference

Homework environment can also support this brain engagement. Setting up your child's work space by using their multiple intelligence can help keep their brain engaged during the learning process. The above link giving your child the gift of brain power provides a link for your children to take an inventory which will guide you to understand their intelligence. Once you know itm, get your child involved in picking item like posters,cd's, books, and objects specific to their intellectual bent. Use these items to create a personalized learning environment at home. Check in with your child periodically to see if this is working for them. Surprise them with special little things which will enhance this learning area.

Education is the most important thing we provide our children. We are fortunate in this country we have free public education this is an export to the world; before free public education in the US it did not exist. We are unique in the world for that reason, most nations do not provide free education like we do some Arab countries which have oil resources provide free education through college. Yet, the concept is uniquely American. Take full advantage of the fact, give you kids the tools they need!

Believe in Parenting

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