Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Parents evacuate! Are you prepared?

Yesterday, as I was sitting in my apartment relaxing and enjoying my novel, as the power was out. A neighbor knocked on my door panicked because she had nothing to drink in her home and was worried about having water to drink. I had saved about a dozen Califa Milk bottles with their lids in my fridge filled with water and gave her one. It got me to thinking how prepared are parents to meet the needs of children and their families in case of an evacuation order?

So, here are my thoughts on this. Get an emergency kit ready one which you can pick up and go at a moment's notice. Keep it in a convenient place near where you usually exit the house. In it have the following.

A First Aid Kit with extra gloves, peroxide, and bandages
Portable phone chargers Charge them once a month to ensure they are ready
Samples of everyone's medicine (Ask the doctor, tell them it is for your kit)
Written scripts for medicines for when you get where you are going
3 sets of clean clothes for each family member, along with one extra pair of shoes
A jump drive with copies of all important papers (birth certificates, social security cards, driver's lisc, Insurance information for house, cars, and medical)
Nonperishable food items for eating I suggest getting vacuum sealed items which can be opened and consumed. 4-8 items per person include powdered milk and powdered coconut water.
Wipes one pack per person

A prepaid credit card you put money one each month in case you need to get out of dodge you have money for hotel, gas, etc. I would suggest you do this through direct deposit so you never miss the money but it is there when you need it.

If you have an infant you will want to put five diapers of every box you buy into the kit. once your child grows out of them bag them up and take them to a local women's shelter. Make sue yur replace them with the equal number of diapers you are taking out. Pack formula. If your child is eating baby food it may be easier to have an extra Baby Bullet than to try and carry babyfood. Get a potable solar power stip for use in this case.

Along with the kit store:
A case of 20 oz water you can also get water enhancers or tea packs to give you a change of pace
A pet carrier along with food for the pet
Stuff for your kids to do crayons, coloring books, word puzzle books, books for reading, mp3 player loaded with books, music, etc)

Once your kit is ready, then devise a plan. Where will you go? How long before a storm or how soon after a disaster will you leave the area? If you can not get to where you want, have two other alternatives. In the kit put directions to this place both a set for highway, and a set for without highway driving.

If your family is into camping this is a good reason to consider a camper. Not only is it good for camping it is a portable home if you need one.

If you need to evacuate preparing an emergency kit gives you a chance to think and plan. It is the thinking and planning which will get you mentally and emotionally prepared for what could come. If your kids are old enough get them in on the planning. Discuss what happened with hurricane Harvey and Irmal let them know you have a plan. This more than anything will calm anxiety if something comes along. Your kids will know the plan and have had a say in what is happening. Quite frankly this is the best thing you can do for your children. We never know when an emergency is coming. But, we can make a plan to meet it head on and give our kids the security of knowing we are ready whatever comes!
These are my thoughts here is a great website for more information.

Believe in Parenting

Want more parenting information? ptanda.org

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