Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pregnancy, Self-Care, Teens, Education and Fun!!!

I want to talk with you about gaining your support. I was talking with a friend who is a neonatal nurse at Kennestone Hospital Mother and Child Center here in Atlanta, she was telling me about how tough it was to see a teen give birth to a baby. Then to watch the teens to watch her mother trying to be a parent and  a grandparent and just the struggle she saw there. Then in talking to a client later that same weekend about her pregnancy and how she could find all this information about how to care for her baby but very little about taking care of herself. This is when  I realized there was a great need for an expo for parents about them and their babies. Including special sessions for teens with babies and their parents.

Over the years there have been my expos to showcase all types of products for families everything from car, boat, and kitchen gadgets and yes baby gadgets.  However, there is still room for another expo here in Atlanta one dedicated to helping parents not only take care of baby but a way to take care of themselves. Coming April 2018 the & BABY EXPO is designed just for that purpose.

The mission is to educate, equip, and entertain parents and their children 3 and younger.

Educate seminars on the following:

  • Doulas and Placenta Encapsulation
  • Self-Care
  • Creating a Sleep Schedule
  • Breastfeeding vs Formula
  • Diapers disposable vs cloth
  • Choosing Childcare
  • Baby Food Making
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Keeping your Marriage the Priority
  • Staying in High School and planning for College
  • And More

Equip giving parent information on a variety of issues we will have vendors to discuss and have products for:

  • Safe Sleeping
  • Car Safety
  • Bathtub Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Baby proofing the home
  • Nursery/Big Kid decor
  • The list goes on...
Entertain bringing kids, teens, moms, and Dads a variety of fun activities designed to support family fun and create a lasting memory.

  • Balloon animal artists
  • Face painting
  • Reading Stations
  • Childcare
  • Mani/Pedis
  • Darts/Bean Bag Tossing
  • Reading and Pictures with Blue the Blue Great Dane
  • & Lots more
I stated the post telling you I need your help. As you know I am the executive director of Parents, Teachers, and Advocates a nonprofit organization. I would like to ask you for a tax-deductible gift in order to market this expo. We are looking to raise $3500. Our goal is to raise these funds by midnight November 28, which is #Giving Tuesday. I appreciate you and we at PT&A strive to serve you and your children with every post we write and the information you will find on our website. Thank you for your support our efforts to bring the & BABY EXPO to the Metro Atlanta area click here to go to our donation page.

Believe in Parenting

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