Friday, January 9, 2015

Are you a parent who leads? Or a leader who parents?

 I was watching one of Simon Sinek's Ted Talk  in it he spoke of the difference between leaders who have the title and those who inspire even without the title.I though of something a local Atlanta leader Kim Hoeffsteder told me.  The goal of every leader is to inspire, motivate, and empower others to the point where  they are able to turn around and do the same for someone else. So, when I ask the question are you a parent who leads? Or a leader who parents? I am asking, are you inspiring, motivating, and empowering your children, in such a way they can do it for your grandchildren? Or are you simply  using your title to keep your children in line until they leave your house?

You can develop inspiring relationships with your children. The first step is to choose to develop a relationship. Many parents want to be friends with their children. Which is a good goal to have for when they become adults. Honestly, the most amount of your time with them will be adult to adult. However, the relationship you build with them as children will set the parameters for that future friendship. The goal of your relationship when they are children really requires three things. Respect for them as a human being. Expectations of them to be kind, safe, well educated, and neat. And lastly, guiding them to develop their dreams into goals and plans.which they can grow into and accomplish.

 The way you accomplish these parenting goals is through modeling, discussion, and support. Modeling means you must be a living example of what you want them to be. If you expect your children to grow up  and not be a smoker, don't smoke. Discussion does not mean you talk and they listen. It means you both talk and you both listen! Support helps your children do what you are asking them to do. Be patient. The average child need to hear something 500 times before they internalize it. Why? Because they are constantly learning from and absorbing what is around them. They need to hear it many times to get it to sink in.Give them every opportunity to hear, absorb, and internalize the important things.

Being a parent who leads is so much more important than simply having the title! Many people can bring children into the world. But, it takes a dedicated, loving, creative, and patient person to inspire a child. Be that PARENT!

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