Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Journeys Through Parenthood Volume One Highlight 1

Last year one of the things which impacted me most is seeing Simon Sineek's TED Talk Start With Why. . This talk inspired me to look at the real reason I wrote Journeys. I have a strong belief in parents and their ability to inspire, motivate and empower their children. I believe any adult who chooses to can build strong, long-lasting, deeply emotional relationships with their kids. However, this does not happen organically; it takes work. It is my job to give information which helps parents build the knowledge they need to build these relationships. Writing Journeys was an an important step in my own journey.  This short read is packed with lot of information about what quality Early Education looks like. It gives parents what to look for, questions to ask, and ideas of things they can do with their children to support learning and growth. Choosing who will help you prepare your children for life and school is an important decision. I wrote this book to give parents the information they need to make a great decision for their family. I hope you buy and read it! I hope it helps.


  1. Good luck with this Barbara. I'm sure your message will be a great help to others.