Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Belief in Parenting Blog: An Expert Guide you Down the Path to Quality Childcare

Over the last year many politicians, newscasters, reporters, and others have been talking about high quality child care. However, the average person has no idea what that means. Quality child care is all about a term used in early childhood it is Developmentally Appropriate Practices or DAP  for short. This term refers to ensuring that each classroom environment contains the educational equipment (toys), shelving, chairs, tables, etc necessary for children at that age to be as safe and  independent in their learning as possible. It also refers to educators making sure that all lessons are appropriate for the age and developmental level of the children in the classroom. . Children learn from their environment. Also, there are no real subjects as known in Elementary school instead they are domains. The four areas children need to develop to be ready for Primary school learning. These are four different types of development Intellectual, Language, Physical, and Social/Emotional.  In my next blog I will explain what each of these are. Suffice it to say that Early Childhood is very different than what most of us remember in school. The link below shows the differences betwwn the two.

I will tell you that Quality in Early Childhood depends on five things:

Classroom Environment
Curriculum Development
Children's Ability to be Independent
Teacher Training and Understanding of both Child Development and Classroom Environment
Involvement of Parents and  the Community

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