Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why the Convicted 11 Teachers Need Jail Time

Here in Atlanta there is a group of Activist who are rallying to have the convicted public school teachers get no jail time for their crimes. I find this to be unconscionable. These eleven people were found guilty by a jury of their peers. The crime they committed is not as dire as the results. They not only gave up on the children they were serving they helped them to cheat the system and then got paid for doing so!

They betrayed the taxpayers, the school system, the parents, and most tragically the children. Teachers are often considered noble because of the job they do for our communities. However, these teachers betrayed that trust and instead monetized the non-teaching by telling children the right answers, and hosting home parties where they erased and replaced answers.

Never concerned these tests which were wrong, would make it harder on the children and confuse their educational progress for years to come. It would show proficiency the children did not have making it harder because knowledge is built on knowledge. If the child had not learned what the test says they will have  future struggles because teachers use past test scores to build lesson plans. However, a new teacher may not catch on to the faulty test scores, and  children not having these skills and try to build on a faulty foundation. This would cause confusion for children and a lot of wasted time trying to teach based on lies. It is criminal for the trusted professionals to have done this to children.

OF COURSE THEY SHOULD GO TO JAIL! If the Judge has any sense they should get as close to the maximum sentence as possible. I heard an activist say they never committed a crime. But, stealing the learning and the future from vulnerable children by a teacher is worse than any drug dealer. A person buying drugs knows what they are buying. Children depend on the  expertise and integrity of teachers to teach them. These teachers put their future lives in jeopardy for their own gain. I find this so criminal if I were the judge I would give them time and a half.


  1. Disgusting behaviour. They should be made to pay by, either going to prison or at least doing community service at least this isn't draining the tax payers hard earned cash. These people should be showing honesty and integrity to their students and their parents.

    1. Jan, I realize it cost us money to incarcerate people. These school employees have literally stolen from everyone trusting them. They deserve servere discipline. I do not believe community service is enough. What they have done rises to the level of what happened with Enron, maybe worse.

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