Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creating Childcare Policies and Practices for Transportation

May 12th here in Georgia a childcare provider was charged  with leaving a  two year old child in a van for over five hours and trying to cover it up.   Story link  This has happened here in Georgia too many times in the last ten years! I want to share a policy change for all centers which transport children. I believe this happens because  centers have not established policies and procedures  regarding transportation here are my recommendations.

The driver should have a checklist with the names of every child who rides in the centers' van. There should be a separate sheet for each trip. This sheet should have three areas to check. The first is boarded the van, second, got off the van, the third, in class. Then they should be required to double check the van and sign off on the sheet and then an administrator should sign off on the sheet These sheets should be on file in the office. See sample below. The link will have the sample to come up and you can edit it for your center.

    ABC 123 Childcare Transportation Report

Child’s Name Boarded Van Departed Van Child in Class

I have doubled checked the van and all children have departed.

Driver signature _____________________________

I am signing off that the driver has followed the center’s transportation policy.

Administrator’s Signatures _____________________________________

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