Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Helping Children and Families Make the Shift to Summer

So, many times children are very excited about Summer Vacation. Kids are really looking forward to camp or visiting Grandparents. However, it is inevitable children and families wii at some point come to loose ends. As part of winding down the school year I suggest you do an Are you ready for the Summer book.

Get students to look for ten to twelve activities the would like to talk to there families about diung together this summer. Here are some suggestions.

1. Pick two or three children's novels to read and discuss as a family.

2. Using the local attractions for the city pick four free events to attend.

3. Choose one out state park or historical site to go explore on a Saturday.

4. Find one cool thing in their neighborhood and find out everythingvthey can about it and share findings with family and friends.

5. Write a series of stories about a character you make up based on your favourite animal.

7. Look around and see if you can create an item to solve a problem someone is having.

These are just a few thoughts. Please share any you have below in the comments. I hope you and your children have fun with this idea!

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